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2 /pics/318409/thumb_424_318409_1580291666_8425.JPG
Coconut land

  • 43 acres    Coconut land

    Rs. 3.75M Per Acre

Coconut Land for Sale


    Approximately 43 Acres br Averaging approximately 30000 Coconuts every 45 days Average income of Rs800000 br 0...  more »

3 /pics/330575/thumb_424_330575_1580451151_2521.jpg
Bare Land

  • 10 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 385,000 Per Perch


Raddolugama Seeduwa

    14 244 ...  more »

8 /pics/330306/thumb_424_330306_1580296684_0749.jpg
Bare Land

  • 20 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 28M

20 Perches for Sale

Model Town Road Moratuwa

    20 Perch Land for Sale with a Solid House for Sale in Model Town Road Katubedda road adjoining Germen Tech Ins...  more »

12 /pics/328661/thumb_424_328661_1579588429_5683.jpg
Bare Land

  • 20 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 180,000 Per Perch

Peradeniya Wariyagala Lands for Sale


    Your perfect opportunity to own a land in the beautiful hill country Ideal investment for your family home or ...  more »

13 /pics/328304/thumb_424_328304_1579410482_5096.jpg
Land with house
 Ethul Kotte 

  • 75 perches    Land with house

    Rs. 2.5M Per Perch

Land for Sale in Ethul Kotte

Diyawanna Road Ethul Kotte

    Good quiet residential area Property accessible via Diyawanna Road Samudradevi Mawatha and 9th Lanebr Easy acc...  more »

14 /pics/310228/thumb_424_310228_1568075174_9483.jpg
Cultivated Land

  • 172 perches    Cultivated Land

    Rs. 500,000 Per Perch

Land for SALE

Gangarama Road Kowinna Katunay..

    Fertile cultivated land suitable for multi purpose developments The property is located in Gangarama road with...  more »

18 /pics/309806/thumb_
Bare Land

  • 20 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 450,000 Per Perch

Land for sale


    Pipe borne waterElectricityClear deedsbr Approved planbr 750 m to Galle rd br 25 km to aluthgama town...  more »

19 /pics/304633/thumb_424_304633_1579619735_8506.png
Beachfront land
 Arugam Bay 

  • 3 acres    Beachfront land

    Rs. 25M

Light House Surf point Arugam Bay

Light house Surf point Arugam..

    This land is situated in Komarii Pottuvil Next to Sangamankanda Ampara light house and light house surfing gue...  more »

22 /pics/328166/thumb_424_328166_1579314792_8225.jpg
Rubber land

  • 37 acres    Rubber land

    Rs. 50M

Mawanalla Kegalle

    B 37 ...  more »

23 /pics/327314/thumb_424_327314_1579057759_1316.jpg
Beachfront land

  • 15 perches    Beachfront land

    Rs. 11.7M

Beachfront land at Dondra

Kiralawella Road Devinuwara

    This 15 perch freehold beachfront land is located at the Beach of Devinuwara Dondra overlooking a sallow water...  more »

27 /pics/325787/thumb_424_325787_1577987754_6862.jpg
Bare Land

  • 10 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 7.7M

Land for sale in Kesbewa


    walking Distance to Kesbewa Junction about 350mbr 100m to Filling Stationbr 700m to Kesbewa Court Complexbr 10...  more »

28 /pics/331037/thumb_424_331037_1580651247_6361.jpg
Land with house
 Pita Kotte 

  • 12 perches    Land with house

    Rs. 13.8M Per Acre

Land for sale in Thalapathpitiya


    URGENT SALE br br Walking distance to Thalapathpitiya rd about 100mbr Land Close to Sri Jayewardenepura Gener...  more »

29 /pics/323401/thumb_424_323401_1576318695_6843.jpg
Bare Land

  • 23 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 3.4M

Land for sale in Koggala

Koggala Galle

    Total Price Rs 3400000 23 purches land for sale in KoggalaHabaraduwaNear Koggala LakeNear Rukandaluwa EstateEl...  more »

Lands for Sale in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has many bare or acre lands located in almost every part of the country. If you are wondering 'how to buy land in Sri Lanka' browsing online on reliable property sites like LankaPropertyWeb will help you find most properties listed as Sri Lanka ads. For buyers who plan to start their own businesses, highly commercial lands in excellent locations like Colombo, Kandy, and Galle are worthy gems amongst the many ads. However, for most ordinary people, land in suburban regions of Colombo is what they are looking for. In comparison to properties for sale and properties for rent in Sri Lanka, lands are now earning the attention of property hunters. The reasons for this could be the ease in acquiring lands, a sense of long term security and the ability to sell them in future for a higher price.

If you don't know much about the real estate industry in Sri Lanka, investing in couple perches of land is a great way to make the most out of extra cash! Sri Lankans are always looking for ways to create the best environment in the future. So what better way to do so than seeking land plotting or lands with a house and invest in them. Over the past few years, lands in sri lanka,  bare lands for sale, agriculture land for sale started gaining a lot of interest with many realizing the opportunities they can earn by investing in Sri Lankan real estate. This has also resulted in land prices increasing in Sri Lanka during the year 2018. Properties given out for commercial reasons were ranked higher followed by lands for residential and then lands for industrial purposes. The best form of acquiring lands in Sri Lanka is by looking into a bare land for sale with a house. Thanks to the developments in tourism and infrastructure, now there is high interest from foreign buyers towards land sale in areas like Colombo, especially areas that are in close proximity to the galle road.

Perches land for sale in colombo are mainly commercial Sri Lanka land for sale. Highly residential areas and areas that most people visit on vacations such as Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Galle are also great areas for land sale in Sri Lanka. So if you are thinking of 'how to give my land on lease' or 'how to sell my land in sri lanka' try listing on LankaPropertyWeb website under the land sales category to gain the attention you are looking for, for your property. Lands in certain areas in sri lanka map could even be advertised on the site for free, to reach a large audience. Comparing the gain you earn from this you can even advertise a house for sale without draining your wallet too much! As land prices are increasing in prime locations walking distance away from urban facilities, quick weekend getaways to escape the business of the city is also becoming a thing in Sri Lanka. So obtaining the right plot of land with the assistance of a reputed real estate company in Sri Lanka will give you the chance of either building holiday properties for rent or properties for sale in the future. You can also consider land pooling. What is land pooling you ask It is individuals purchasing plots of land and combining them to construct something greater on it. So if you are ever thinking of running a guesthouse of your own, this is a great option to consider to partner up and earn the most!