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4 /pics/316905/thumb_424_316905_1571831387_6123.jpeg
Bare Land
 Colombo 6 

  • 12.25 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 8M Per Perch

1225P Bare land for sale

Boswell place Colombo 6

    This 1225p land for sale at bosswell place Colombo 6 30feet road frontage available Access from Galee rd Mari...  more »

5 /pics/334686/thumb_424_334686_1582525145_6132.jpg
Bare Land
 Colombo 5 

  • 15.7 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 9.5M Per Perch

Park Avenue Property for Quick Sale

Park TerracePark Road Colombo ..

    This property is available for quick sale and is the last block at park avenue off park road is with another...  more »

9 /pics/287195/thumb_424_287195_1552468435_1017.JPG
Bare Land
 Colombo 5 

  • 13.30 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 5.5M Per Perch

Land for sale in Colombo 5

Averihena Road Colombo 5

    55 million per perch selling for highest offer 1330 Perches square land for sale in Colombo 5 20 feet access ...  more »

10 /pics/281629/thumb_424_281629_1549517061_3195.JPG
Bare Land
 Colombo 8 

  • 36 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 5.2M Per Perch

Land for sale in Colombo 8

Kuruppu Road Colombo 8

    36 Perches land for sale in Colombo 8 25 feet access road facing main road ideal for any development project ...  more »

16 /pics/239764/thumb_424_239764_1527052205_9491.JPG
Land with house
 Colombo 4 

  • 17.2 perches    Land with house

    Rs. 9M Per Perch

Property for Sale in Colombo 04


    172 perch property with an old house available for immediate sale Suitable for residential or business Locate...  more »

17 /pics/328915/thumb_424_328915_1580886945_883.jpg
Land with house
 Colombo 6 

  • 17.5 perches    Land with house

    Rs. 4M Per Perch

Land with a small up stair house sale

5671Havelock Road Pamankade We..

    Colombo 6 5671 Havelock Road Pamankade Wellawatte 175 perches of square shape land with a small up stair ho...  more »

18 /pics/334509/thumb_424_334509_1582434153_8145.jpeg
Bare Land
 Colombo 7 

  • 51 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 16M

Triangular high rise

ward place Colombo 7

    Location Colobo 07 Ward palce Extent 51 Perches Height Restriction G19 Obtained Road frontage 200 FT No o...  more »

20 /pics/334415/thumb_424_334415_1582355580_7231.jpg
Bare Land
 Colombo 5 

  • 15 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 9M Per Perch

15 Perch Land For Immediate Sale

Park Road Colombo 5

    Highly Residential 30Meters to the Park Road15 Perch Land for immediate sale9M Per Perch Negotiable ...  more »

21 /pics/334370/thumb_424_334370_1582309206_4688.jpg
Land with house
 Colombo 5 

  • 15 perches    Land with house

    Rs. 7M Per Perch

Commercial Properties For Sale

Kirulapone Ave Colombo 5

    Number of properties for sale along Kirulapone Avenue139p 13p 15p Approximately All the lands are with old ho...  more »

24 /pics/319522/thumb_424_319522_1573726260_3166.JPG
Bare Land
 Colombo 4 

  • 11 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 12M Per Perch

Superb Land for sale colombo 4

near galle road Colombo 4

    Superb Land for sale colombo 4Extent of land 11 perches square Land Road frontage over 45 feet50m to Ga...  more »

30 /pics/316773/thumb_424_316773_1571757090_4207.jpg
Bare Land
 Colombo 5 

  • 10.5 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 32.5M

Residential land 105 perches

Polhengoda Road Colombo 5

    Residential land of 105 perches on Polhengoda Road also known as Vijaya Kumaratunga Road Property is located c...  more »

Land for Sale in Colombo

This thriving city Colombo, which is also dubbed the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is a place that has an extremely well-rounded premium property market. Whether it is a land for sale in colombo district, house, home with lands, an apartment in a residential area of Colombo or a commercial property, there is a high demand for all. While this city has been somewhat lacking in new developments during the three-decade war, it never fell behind when it came to the real estate market. Though there was no rise in demand or price for the bare lands for sale in colombo or land and house for sale in colombo, it certainly did not crash, nor did the land registry colombo remain inactive throughout. Now, after years of being suppressed, the real estate scene in the city is finally on an exponential increase with locations such as Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya leading the list with bare land for rent in colombo, land for lease in colombo and land sales in general. 

One of the most interesting asset types seen in this region is the perch land for sale (paddy field) that are now used for minor projects. This entails land for sale in Colombo that is bought for tasks such as building your own dream home or to start a caf? or retail outlet. If you are a foreigner, you can always purchase the properties for sale in Colombo through a local partner, in order to evade the heavy taxes imposed by the government for all non-citizens. Make sure that you select the right plot for the right purpose and that you make a proper inspection before you purchase. Similar to when dealing with properties for rent in Colombo, ensure that you proceed through a lawyer to validate your purchase. 

At present, this great metropolis is teeming with large-scale prime lands development projects that are currently underway in land sales colombo, almost completed or open for sale or for rent. Lands in Colombo have been bought over by local companies such as the Prime Group as well as foreign multinational corporations who have recognized the Citysearch potential. Most of the properties in the colombo map where significant developments are being carried out or have been completed are on a long-term lease. These property types may range from simple bare land to more advanced land plot with buildings, found especially at a walking distance to the Galle road. Examples of such practices can be found in Colombo lands near the Beira Lake. The majority of these are on a 99-year lease, which is mainly advantageous to foreign investors in terms of evading the heavy taxes. Now you view Colombo land prices via our mobile app which has the features of a land sale app through play store and app store. These allow you to buy land in colombo including  colombo fort land. All you need to search for is land sales in sri lanka colombo!