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Bare Land

  • 9.5 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 525,000 Per Perch

Land for Sale Hansagiri Road Gampaha

Swarna Hansa Mawatha Hansagir..

    95 Perches land in Swarna Hansa Mawatha Hansagiri Road GampahaHighly Demanded Residential Area2KM from Gamp...  more »

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Bare Land

  • 7.5 perches    Bare Land


75 Perches Land for Sale in Gampaha

Bandaranayakepura 2nd Lane Gam..

    75 Perches Land for Sale in Sirimaluyana Bandaranayakepura 2nd Lane Gampaha Just 750 meters to Gampaha Yakkal...  more »

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Bare Land

  • 30 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 85,000 Per Perch

Land for Sale in Doranegoda Gampaha

Doranegoda Gampaha

    30 Perches land for sale in Doranegoda Gampaha close Doranagoda Raja Maha Viharaya and Doranegoda Maha Vidyala...  more »

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Bare Land

  • 10 perches    Bare Land

    Rs. 650,000 Per Perch

Land for sale in Thelawala

hansagiri road 3th lane Gampah..

    Land for sale in hansagiri roadvaluable plants16 feet roadPlease call for more details...  more »

Lands for Sale in Gampaha

At a glance, Gampaha is a district developing at a rapid pace. Two centuries ago, the region was covered in lush undergrowth. It was only during the construction of the Negombo Colombo road that the British Governor of Ceylon decided to make a settlement here. Today it is a zone that combines modernity and simplicity in a small package. It is here that you find the biggest international airport in Sri Lanka as well as some of the biggest tourist sights, namely the city of Negombo and the ancient city of Kelaniya where some of the most valuable land for sale in Gampaha, including prime lands Gampaha and coconut land for sale in Gampaha, are located. 

A residential property in the gampaha map such as a house close to super markets or commercial property such as a retail shop with plenty of floor area, near Gampaha railway station, can be as high end as in the city of Colombo. If you are thinking about the children, then this is also a safe place for kids, which has enough attractions and entertainment to keep them busy. Buying lands for sale in Gampaha is easier than purchasing a valuable land in Colombo or even a residential land in Kandy. Lands blocks here tends to be less expensive. A rule of thumb, to ensure that you get the right land for sale or an ideal land and house 15 minute drive from Gampaha town is to start with the end in mind. 

Consider for example that you are looking for properties for sale in Gampaha or properties for rent in Gampaha to cultivate pineapple. First, determine how much you can spend to close the deal. If you do not have the required cash, think about a lender. Next, search about the properties that suit your needs within the area. You may make use of the Internet for this task. Research the ideal soil and water conditions for pineapple cultivation. Make use of online real estate platforms to discover such properties. Once you get your choices narrowed down, go and inspect a few of them. Imagining the property flourishing with lush pineapple will be a good way to determine if it is a good place or not. When you find your ideal land for sale in Gampaha, perhaps close to the Weliweriya town with easy access to the Kandy road, close the deal through a registered attorney in order to validate that deal.